Tiffany’s first visit to our office was two days after she suffered a brutal attack from an unknown assailant who hit her in the head with a brick knocking her out and nearly fracturing her skull. She was brought to our office by Giuliani’s Deputy Mayor and another assistant with cuts and abrasions on her face, her head supported in a neck brace with three front teeth broken off at the gum needing root canals due to the attack.

The initial photo is from our first visit. She was an amazing patient even from the first moment she visited us suffering all of the effects of the attack and was an inspiration to everyone in our office. Our first visit lasted around three hours where we performed root canals to save the front broken teeth and make her temporary restorations for her front teeth so that she could still smile. After a lengthy treatment period that involved every aspect of dentistry from root canals to periodontal and restorative work, we completed her anterior cosmetic work. Her smile says it all.





George wanted a smile makeover.  Our final treatment included Porcelain Full crowns and Porcelain veneers on the top front 8 teeth. 

Our final treatment included Porcelain Full crowns and Porcelain veneers on the top front 8 teeth.





Jessica is an actress and writer who, unfortunately, never received necessary dental treatment and maintenance when she was younger. After she moved to New York and she was in a position to take care of her neglected teeth and smile, we designed a treatment plan for her that took into account all of her necessary general dental needs to bring her back to good dental health including fillings, crowns and root canals on her back teeth and front teeth.

We then treated her cosmetic dental needs on her upper and lower front teeth which included Porcelain Veneers and Porcelain full crowns on the upper teeth and Porcelain Veneers on the lower front teeth.





Dave was unhappy with his dark grey teeth caused from tetracycline antibiotic staining that discolored and caused striped in his front teeth.

We treated Dave by non-invasive Full Bonding that took about three hours from start to finish.





Debbie visited our office and was very unhappy with the spaces and size of her front upper teeth.

 We treated her utilizing non-invasive full bonding for her upper 8 front teeth.





Kimberly visited our office with her main complaint of not liking her smile due to her small front teeth.

Due to her age, we decided the best treatment would be non-invasive Full Bonding on her upper 8 front teeth to change the size and brighten the color of her teeth.





Michael was unhappy with the color and positioning of his teeth (they were too far back) and, since they were very small, there were spaces on the lower front teeth.

Michael elected to have minimally invasive porcelain veneers on the upper teeth. The lower teeth were restored with non-invasive porcelain veneers. The procedure took two visits and did not require anesthesia.